Londonderry Township Winter Roads Report


For 2017/2018 winter events Londonderry has 3 plow/salt trucks and 1 tractor-mounted-plow to service the township roads and developments (excluding New Daleville which is done by a private firm) for all ice and snow events ranging from 0-6" of snowfall.

For storms resulting in more than 6" of snowfall and/or storms with high winds and Drifting, Londonderry has contracts with several neighboring farms to utilize a fleet of large snow plows and snow blowers mounted on farm tractors which will work in specific areas in tandem with the Londonderry fleet.

All equipment is required to operate at safe speeds not in excess of 35 mph so as to maintain the highest level of safety possible. Throughout a storm event, Londonderry Road Crews will be in contact with local agencies in order to keep them informed of roadway conditions.

Machinery will be dispatched for each storm event as instructed by the Londonderry Road Master. Each machine will plow and salt its designated area of the township working in an outward fashion from the township building to the farthest areas of the township. Priority is given to the larger and more travelled roads, but all roadways and developments will be reached before each tour of duty is concluded.

Plow operators are instructed to first make the roadways as clear and passable as possible for emergency equipment and personnel should an emergency happen, then to make the roadways safe for residential travel.

The Public is asked to remain off each road until LDT crews have finished clearing it and have moved on.

During an emergency, some or all Londonderry plows may be diverted from their route in order to clear a safe route to the emergency scene for responders. Once the emergency staff has reached the scene safely, LDT equipment will pick up where it left off on the designated plow routes.