Park and Recreation Facilities

Londonderry Township in currently developing the park facilities that have been visioned in their recent Comprehensive Plan.

Click here for a New Dalesville Park Stewardship Report compiled by the Natural Lands Trust.

Londonderry Township Park

This 7-acre facility is part of the municipal building complex. A full-size soccer field is available. We ask that community groups that wish to use the field on a regular basis please contact the township office. The township will post a schedule listing when the field is reserved. In that way users can schedule their activity accordingly.

Parking is available at the township building. Please park parallel to Fieldstone Drive. Please refrain from parking on the grass berms around the perimeter of the park.

Bathroom facilities are provided by a port-a-pot during the outdoor seasons.

East Elk Nature Preserve

Located along the east branch of the Big Elk Creek, on the western boundary of the Barnsgate subdivision, the East Elk Nature Preserve is a passive recreation opportunity for township residents their friends, and their community. This land was dedicated to the township through the "fee in lieu of" portion of our township code. The township EAC (Environmental Advisory Council) restored the area to its present condition with funds from a Growing Greener grant, and help from Octorara School students, Boy Scout Troop 63, and township residents from 2002 to 2004. A large family of beavers felled many large trees, built two large dams, and ravaged much of the shrubs and small trees. The area was flooded for two years until Hurricane Floyd flushed out the dams. Invasive plants took root in the open woodland, and remaining trees died after their root systems had been suffocated by the floodwaters. During the grant, students monitored the health of the stream by learning to study macro-invertebrates, testing the water, and plotting a stream profile. Scouts and residents participated in three different tree planting days. Part of the area is still maintained as a hay field . A notebook of the restoration process with pictures and the grant information is available at the township building.

Limited parking for the Nature Preserve is available in the cul-de-sac in Meadowood Court. A path through a tree-lined easement between 23 and 24 Meadowood Court provides the access to the trails along and across the stream. There is a kiosk in the nature preserve, built by the Octorara High School Students.

Londonderry Trails

Londonderry Township has visioned an interconnected trail system to provide our residents with a walkable community. This concept is described in the new Comprehensive Plan. Part of the vision is for the community to walk or bike to our recreation areas and leave their cars at home. Activate Chester County is a concept generated from the Activate America concept to provide a walking community to address health and recreation needs of our population.

Some of the trails are in place at the New Daleville and Country Walk subdivisions

Regulations for Londonderry Township Parks & Preserves

Anyone violating these regulations shall be considered to have been notified of misuse of municipal property and that they have been given notice of being removed from the property and are therefore guilty of trespass, subject to prosecution as may be applicable under the law.

Purpose of Regulations

To protect the Londonderry Township public spaces against harmful acts of those who would deliberately, or without awareness, engage in activities detrimental to the public good. To make possible the fullest enjoyment of those who choose to use the park properties for recreational activities.


  • Parks are open from sunrise to sunset. At sunset, all activities in the park shall cease and all persons in the park, unless previously approved by the Board of Supervisors shall leave as soon as possible.
  • Properly licensed dogs are permitted only when restrained by a 6-foot leash. The dog owner shall be responsible for immediately cleaning up and disposing of any dog waste.
  • Each person shall conduct himself properly within the park so as not to annoy, harass, or injure any other person using the park.
  • All persons using the park shall dispose of all wastes in proper receptacles


  • Unauthorized motor vehicles of any type
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs or other controlled substances
  • Knives, explosives, or other weapons
  • Discharge of firearms
  • Glass containers or bottles
  • Using profane, loud or abusive language or music
  • Littering, defacing township property, or vandalism
  • Climbing or hanging on any structures unless specifically designed for such. Misuse or abuse of equipment or facilities in a manner for which it was not specifically designed
  • Pets or other animals in play equipment areas or athletic fields. Pets or other animals that disturb or become a nuisance to other users of the park
  • Use of skateboards, roller blades, or bicycles in areas other than trails: use of roller blades in areas other than hockey rinks and trails
  • Use of any dangerous athletic equipment such as, but not limited to, javelins, arrows, discus, paintball, golf equipment, or similar items.
  • Defacing or destroying any notice, rule or regulation posted within the park
  • Posting any notice, placard or decorations at any place within the park other than by authority of the Board of Supervisors of Londonderry Township
  • Open Fires
  • Camping unless prior permission is obtained from the Board of Supervisors, and location identified.
  • Discharging or throwing into any stream, storm sewer or drain flowing into or through the park/preserve any substance which may result in the pollution of the stream or surrounding area in the park.
  • Disturbance of wildlife habitat, unless authorized by written permit of the Board of Supervisors
  • Causing to damage, disturb, or destroy any tree, flower, or shrub, without approval of the Board of Supervisors.