Londonderry Township 2018/2019 Winter Hints


Prior to all storms be sure your home has the following in stock:

  • Drinking water
  • Adequate supply of all medications
  • Food/Snacks that may be prepared without electric devices
  • List of emergency contacts
  • A cell phone that is fully charged & a battery operated FM radio
  • Full supply of heating oil/gas/materials

Motor vehicles should contain the following:

  • Warm blankets/clothing in case one is stranded or must change a tire
  • Bags of road salt & a shovel in case one is stuck on an icy parking lot
  • A snow broom/scraper to clear ALL WINDOWS OF CAR before driving
  • A can of ice defroster that will instantly melt ice off car windows
  • A new battery-cold weather kills older batteries and will affect starting the engine
  • Snacks/bottled water in case one is stranded for a long time
  • Tires with enough tread to provide safe traction when driving in slippery conditions
  • "Dry Gas" or "Fuel Treatment" mixed in the fuel tank to keep fuel from freezing

If your home hires a company to remove snow, be sure to mark all obstacles/edges of your drive with reflective high-visibility markers (sold at any hardware store) to prevent property damage.

Be sure to park cars in the best possible location such that snow plows may safely pass by and not damage your vehicles.

Make all necessary preparations 12-24 hrs BEFORE the storm starts.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to drive on the roads before or during the time when plow drivers are out. Doing so PLACES YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE AT RISK.

Fines and penalties will be applied to drivers who endangered first responders due to carelessness and poor planning.

ALL "ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL" are required to make preparations in advance of the storm. If you are to be at work during a storm, please arrive there before the storm. Once a storm has started, NO SPECIAL CONSIDERATION is given to employees who must reach work as they are considered an unnecessary & avoidable danger to plow crews and other first responders.