Fire Chiefs Association Launch Recruitment Campaign

VOLUNTEER TODAY: Chester County Lives Depend On It

 The Chester County Fire Chiefs Association, along with our local Cochranville Fire Company, is seeking volunteers.

There are a variety of opportunities available for prospective volunteers:

  • Firefighters: Help save lives and protect property in your community. In the exciting world of firefighting volunteers learn to do things like advance a hose line, perform search-and-rescue operations, and position ladders strategically. Training and equipment needed to stay safe is provided free of charge.
  • EMTs: Help save lives by transporting the sick and injured to the hospital. Volunteers are there to respond to specialized calls like auto accidents, carbon monoxide alarms and other rescue calls. Again, training and equipment is provided.
  • Fire Police: Help keep an emergency situation safe by directing traffic and crowds and providing general assistance to other first responders.
  • Junior Firefighters: Gain experience around a fire house as a teen, lend a hand and begin fire training that will prepare you to become a full member at 18 years old. Volunteering as a junior firefighter is also a great way to secure community service hours.
  • Administrative volunteers: Non-emergency volunteers play a huge role. They help teach fire safety, assist in fundraising event, help with bookkeeping, human resources, website maintenance and other duties. Whatever the skill set, we can use it. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities available near you, visit

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