According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission our area has limitations on permissible hunting weapons. They are: Shotguns, Muzzle Loaders (flintlock) and Bow and Arrows. NO RIFLES Shotguns and Muzzle Loaders MUST BE 150 yards away from occupied dwellings (house, barn, etc. – humans or animals) and Bow and Arrow hunting MUST BE 50 yards away from occupied dwellings (house, barn, etc.).

Any citizen who sees what they believe is an infraction, they should call the Game Warden, Keith Mullen, 610-926-3136 or 610-926-3137

The PA State Police will respond to hunting complaints, 610-268-2022 or 9-1-1 (if an emergency).

Londonderry Township property owners should post their property if it is likely to be hunted or adjacent to land that is hunted. All licensed hunters know the regulations, especially those restricting hunting in residential areas as well as the required permission to hunt on private/public land.

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