The Supervisors wish all our Londonderry neighbors the happiest of Holiday Seasons and extend good thoughts for a safe, prosperous and healthy New Year.




On February 14, 2017 the Board of Supervisors enacted Ordinance #01-2017 amending Zoning Ordinance Chapter 170 of the code of Londonderry Township regarding Certificates of Use and Occupancy for the sale or resale of any land or building.  This ordinance amends Chapter 170 - Zoning as follows:

A certificate of use and occupancy shall be required . . . prior to the occupancy or re-occupancy of any land or building.    No building or structure or use shall be utilized in any manner until a certificate of Use and Occupancy is issued. 

On March 27, 2017 the Board of Supervisors enacted Ordinance #02-2017 amending the code of Londonderry Township regarding Rental Property Registration and Inspection.  It is the policy of the Board of Supervisors to prevent, to control and/or to mitigate the occupation of rental dwelling units that fail to meet minimum life safety standards that may jeopardize the health, safety or welfare of Township residents.  The purpose of this ordinance is as follows:

. . .require all owners of rental dwelling units in the Township to register tenants and to apply for a certificate of re-occupancy for said units at the time of tenant change; to establish fees for registrations, certifications, inspections, re-inspections and fines/penalties for non compliance; and to establish inspection criteria.

Please be aware of these two (2) ordinances which directly apply to all homeowners and owners of rental properties in Londonderry Townshp.  A copy of the Residential Rental Resale/Rental Use & Occupancy Certification Application can be found on this website (Click on Township Business; Codes & Permits; Permits & Applications; Item 1) or in the Township office during normal office hours - Monday through Thursday, from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  Complaince with these ordinances will ensure all residents will enjoy the health, safety and welfare the Township strives to offer.


The Parkesburg Library invites residents to participate in several upcoming events.  Please check with the Library for availability and registration (610) 857-5165. 

New events will be posted when the Townshp is notified.  Stay tuned.




ReadyChesCo: Emergency Notification System

The Chester County Department of Emergency Services released a new mass notification System to the public called ReadyChesCo.

ReadyChesCo is used to notify you during a major crises or emergency, and delivers important emergency alerts; such as weather, road closures, health, or community alerts.

ReadyChesCo notifys and updats you on all of your devices:


-Cell Phone


It is available to all Chester County residents. Registration only takes a few minutes! You can shoose to sign up by county, municipality, or by topic. You can register by visiting www.readychesco.org.



Some Thoughts on Recycling

Londonderry Township participates in Single Stream Recycling - meaning appropriate items may be collected in one container. Recycle bins are located at the Township Municipal Building parking lot, 103 Daleville Road and at the Transfer Station, 250 Fernwood Road (open Saturday's only).

Please recycle the following items:

Paper - Newspapers, Mixed Paper (cardboard, bags, magazines, all mail, phone books, home/office/school paper, paperback books, paper egg cartons, clean pizza boxes, box board (cereal, cake and cracker boxes). Shredded paper may certainly be recycled if contained in a paper bag.
Corrugated Cardboard -
Glass - clean food and drink bottles and jars only. Rinse and remove lids (labels need not be removed.
Aluminum - beverage cans, pie plates and clean foil
Metal - Rinsed food and beverage cans, empty metal aerosol cans.
Plastic - #1 through #7 plastic containers - rinse and remove caps. NO Styrofoam/peanuts, foam or polystyrene. Return plastic bags to the grocery store.
Paint (Latex ONLY) - Must be dried or hardened. NO OIL PAINTS.

Medications - The following locations (nearest to our area) have Medication Collection Drop Off Boxes weekly:

Kennett Square Boro Police Dept., 115 Broad Street, Kennett Square
New Garden Twp., Police Dept., 8934 Gap Newport Pike, New Garden
Oxford Borough Police Dept., 57 N. Fourth Street, Oxford
Parkesburg Boro Police Dept., 315 W. First Ave., Bldg. 2, Parkesburg

Disposal Tips for Sharps (needles, syringes, lancets) - Place all sharps in a puncture- resistant, hard plastic container. An empty detergent container, 2 liter soda bottle or empty coffee can will do. Disinfect with a small amount of bleach. SEAL THE LID with heavy duty tape (duct tape) and place in with your trash or take to SECCRA and dispose in a marked bin.

Items NOT ALLOWED: Caps and lids, ceramic cups/plates, crystal, drinking glasses, flower pots, light bulbs, metallic wrapping paper, mirrors, oil cans/bottles, ovenware, plate/window glass, shredded credit cards or CDs.

For more detailed information on recyclables please go to www.seccra.org

All of us working together can help KEEP RECYCLABLES OUT OF THE LANDFILL.

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